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Oprah Joins Twitter and Twitter Becomes Mainstream

Those that are already on Twitter have to love this;  Oprah Winfrey made her first ‘Tweet’ April 17th, 2009!

Oprah’s first ‘Tweet’ 


This turned out to be the big announcement from Twitter CEO Evan Williams.  Are you wondering the impact Twitter can have on your company or profile?  Check out a post written on our blog earlier; “How Twitter Fits Into Your Corporate Marketing Plan” 

As of end of day April 19th, (that is just 2 days!) Oprah is already at 347,792 followers!  She also has a Google Page Rank of 4/10 already!

Notable People on Twitter

Ashton Kutcher – the current Twitter leader in followers has recently eclipsed CNN and has helped raise the profile of Twitter in the mainstream.  Followers : 1,219,926 Google Page Rank : 7/10

Demi Moore – wife of Ashton Kutcher, I suppose this was expected.  Followers : 646,893 Google Page Rank : 6/10

Shaquille O’Neal – Basketballs current most notable Tweeter. Followers : 717,070 Google Page Rank : 7/10

Jimmy Fallon – Currently teaching Oprah how to use Twitter.  Followers : 739,932 Google Page Rank : 6/10

What’s Twitter About?

Twitter is a micro blogging website which allows you to update your current status in 140 characters or less.  You can:

Think you have the capability of herding the sheep?  You do!  Just get followers!

Twitter has increased its traffic from about 6 million unique visitors in January 2009 to more than 14 million in March 2009.

Some Twitter Profiles Have Google Page Rank

For those that follow internet marketing a little more intently and are wondering why some of these profiles have Google Page Rank.  Fellow ‘Twitterer’  Robert Kennedy has been doing some experimentation of his own and I am told that, at a very basic level, the way to get Page Rank on Twitter is by having others linking to your profile and also by replying to others that are on Twitter. 

The more buzz you get other Twitter users writing about the the better the chance of raising your page rank naturally.

Twitter Just Officially Went Mainstream

I think that Google and Facebook’s pursuit of Twitter may have just went up a few notches.  With recent rumours of Google offering $250 million, I think it is pretty easy to see why Google Ventures was recently launched offering to help new business with seed money.

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Welcome to Twitter Oprah.  Twitter just officially went mainstream.

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