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Microsoft Launches Bing Search!

Internet Marketing May 29th, 2009


microsoft bing decide searchAnd we’re not talking Chandler Bing, either.

Over the past few months, there has been chatter across the internet about Microsoft’s relaunch of their search engine, Bing Live Search. In beta, the new platform was referred to as Kumo. But this morning, Bing introduced it’s new search engine called Bing.

Bing is promoting Bing as a “decision engine” that will understand the intent of a search and produce not only relevant results by topic, but organize these results by subcategory, be it shopping, video, web pages, or reviews. Only time will tell if this will actually work as promised and gain valuable market share. Remember the last big launch of a new and better search engine? Yeah, so do we, unfortunately.

The plan is to have the new search engine go live in the USA first, followed by beta launches elsewhere around the world. The new search engine should be fully live by June 3.

On the Pay-Per-Click side, I wonder what affect will this have on paid search ads and the traffic it drives to sites if Bing is moving away from the portal idea of previous Bing pages to the straightforward search engine feel similar to Google? The potential for both Internet Marketers and advertisers could be incredible.  My own feeling is that based on market share improvements made by Bing of late, they will operate Bing as its own entity and will continue the current Bing and Live search platforms.

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A PPC extraordinaire, Mr Hogan can be found researching, administering and writing.
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Microsoft Launches Bing Search!

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