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This Week: Local Search Tactics Your Competitors Aren’t Using, the PPC Metrics that Matter, and Secrets for a Great Twitter Strategy

Internet Marketing December 12th, 2017



Hello and Happy Tuesday!

This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most insightful and well-informed articles from across the web. We’re looking at local search tactics your competitors aren’t using, as well as lessons from keywords, and brainstorming content topics. We’re also looking at agency secrets for Twitter and an accessible web design. 

5 Local Search Tactics Your Competitors Probably Aren’t Using


Local SEO is a competitive space now that companies have discovered the wonders of the “Google local three-pack.” Sherry Bonelli shares a few local search tactics with us that your competitors may not be aware of. One of these tactics is to check your Google My Business category. Now, it’s important to choose the best GMB category so that you can stay ahead of the competition. Sherry suggests that you see what categories your competitors are using and use the same category or find one that’s more specific. However, it’s always ideal to find the category that best fits your business because, ultimately, that’s what’s going to allow you to rise above the competition.

Which PPC Metrics Matter? Lessons from Half a Million Keywords


Are your PPC ad campaigns driving sales? In the article above, Jacob Baadsgaard wants to answer this questions and shows us what metrics matter when it comes to PPC profitability. One of Jacob’s findings is that long-tail keywords aren’t the money makers. According to Jacob, the keywords that are most profitable are between 15-30 characters. Long-tail keywords are usually used when a user wants to find a very specific answer, and a forum is usually where they go to find that answer—not a landing page. In summary, Jacob proves that instead of worrying about your CTR, spend time creating innovative and creative ways to make your ads profitable.

Ideation Inspiration: 5 Ways to Brainstorm Great Ideas for Blog Content


When writing content, it can be a monotonous task to create blog topics for a particular brand or client week after week. But, instead of creating content focused on your brand or your product, it’s time to turn the mirror to the customer and write content that answers their questions. Megan Krause lists a few tips to keep your blog content fresh while ensuring that you spark interest for your readers. One of her tips is simply “talk to people” and to go out and ask your customer service reps and your customers themselves about their pain points and interests. What are your customers searching for? Once you find out these questions, you can answer them for your readers and create a content marketing strategy that is meaningful to your target audience.

Agency Secrets for a Great Twitter Strategy


If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it can seem like a web of memes, unrelated articles, and hashtags that don’t make any sense. Fortunately, the article above breaks down a few easy tips to come up with a Twitter strategy that you can feel confident about. One essential tip mentioned is to be adaptable. Twitter is first to present the latest trends and news, and if you’re not riding the trending hashtag wave, then your tweet can get lost in the crowd. It’s okay to stray from your editorial calendar and use trending topics and hashtags to propel your brand. However, you need to be careful when posting about sensitive situations or news events, because you don’t want to be another Pepsi ad.

How to Design an Accessible Web


In this article, Henry Swan talks about the Inclusive Design Principals. These principals are about designing websites for the needs of every user and making websites a positive experience for all. One of the seven considerations is to provide a comparable experience so that the quality of the content is never sacrificed, no matter who is using the interface. Find out more about the Inclusive Design Principals and how these considerations will help everyone have a positive experience on your website above.

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This Week: Local Search Tactics Your Competitors Aren’t Using, the PPC Metrics that Matter, and Secrets for a Great Twitter Strategy

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