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Internet Marketing Week At A Glance – Nov 23

Internet Marketing November 23rd, 2009



Straight from our headquarters in Toronto Canada, I bring you the latest items that us ‘WyseGuyz’ have deemed newsworthy over the last week!

Internet Marketing News :: November 23 2009

Website Optimizer Case Study

Website Optimizer Case StudyMost of the people we talk to know that we are heavily involved in Google Website Optimizer.  Why?  Because it is probably the most significant thingy you can be doing to continuously improve your ROI without having to put money into expensive campaigns.  We really enjoyed this Marie Curie case study which showed a 14% improvement from using the tool.

Speaking of Website Optimizer…

Google Offers Two Webinars For Website Optimizer

Google Offers Two Webinars For Website OptimizerOn Thursday Google uploaded 2 new website optimizer videos.  If you want to learn more about the service this is a good opportunity.  We highly recommend that you watch these and then ask me how our conversion experts can make this tool a reality for your business.  Nothing will help you more!

Web Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik Releases Web Analytics Part Deux

Web Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik Releases Web Analytics Part DeuxIf you even have mild interest in website analytics then you likely know his name.  Last week, Avinash announced the release of second book Web Analytics 2.0. We are eager to complete it on our own! At first glance it looks like a very high level read. You can follow Avinash on Twitter here.  He is very helpful in the industry so don’t be shy.

Top 13 SEO Myths Announced

Top 13 SEO Myths AnnouncedOur own SEO man Colin released both part 1 and 2 of his ‘Top 13 SEO Myths’.  An interesting take on his own experience in the SEO industry.

One more week left in the week folks then we turn into December.  What a quick month it has been. Until next week…

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Internet Marketing Week At A Glance – Nov 23

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