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Internet Marketing Through SEM

Internet Marketing January 11th, 2008


Banks are now offering online banking services through which one can pay online for various purchases or services offered. Nearly 40% of the consumers chose to do online banking than the traditional one. E-Auctioning is an upcoming trend being followed. Rare items found in the flea markets are now found online, ready to be sold. This has given the sellers a wider market where the prospective buyers can have a look at the product before they actually buy and also compare prices if they like to. Another upcoming trend is the online advertising. More and more sellers are advertising online to get a better hold on the prospective buyers. This has also boosted the popularity of the websites (where such products are sold).

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a part of Internet Marketing whereby one can promote websites by increasing the visibility of their websites in top search engines result pages (SERPs). According to SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization) SEM includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid placements and paid inclusions. The idea of SEM is simple. The consumer is ‘looking’ out for some info, commercial or non-commercial. In simple terms what the marketers understand here is that the consumer is in a ‘hunt’ mode. He may be ‘checking out’ products, buying it online through payment gateways or even satisfying their curiosity on certain online articles. Thus the search engine result is the best source of targeted traffic, and it does not matter if the traffic is organic / unpaid search listing or paid listing. The marketer must understand how important it is to use paid listing and organic marketing efficiently and expect from it accordingly.

Some of the Advantages SEM Has Got Are

  • Search engine traffic is a non-intrusive method of Internet marketing. What it means is that all other forms of advertisement is intrusive and irritates the targeted readers as they may be involved in some important task when the advertisement pops up, whereas, search engine results are a result of ‘just in time marketing’. It’s a result of the search triggered by the end users seeking useful information or a solution to their concern.
  • Search engine traffic results are voluntary as they are query-oriented results based on search queries from surfers. It also means that not only your search query was listed but also it was chosen by most of the surfers to look for information.

Organic search engine marketing combines the best of technology, usability, linguistic know-how and online PR. Most of the search engines are based on their relevant algorithm other than external factors like links and user preferences or behavior. Other than that efforts should be made to have your website more search engine and spider friendly. Other compelling reasons for a good organic SEO is to have a good html and CSS friendly site, copy optimization and cross-platform dependency.

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Internet Marketing Through SEM

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