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I have a Blog…Now What Can I Blog About?

The importance of frequently updating your blog has become a key element in organic search results. As I am sure you have heard before, the more relevant content on your website, the better!

One of the advantages of a blog is the ease of use. Anyone who has ever typed up a word document has the skill set to maintain a blog! The question is, why are there so many out of date, empty blogs? I see it every day with the clients that I help manage. The truth is, website owners struggle finding the time to select topics to blog about.

Things to consider when posting a blog:

Get your creative writing juices flowing (use these sources to find blog topics to write about):

If you are still having a tough time finding a topic to write about, visit the following blog search engines and search your key industry terms:

Google Blog Search

Not sure if your company is ready for a blog?  It might be time.  Read more to learn about whether your company is ready for a corporate blog. 


If you’re looking for interesting ways write headlines, check out Portent’s Content Idea Generator.







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