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How Web Content Influences The Buying Process

Internet Marketing October 26th, 2007


Content is one of the key components of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. The weight is has with influencing search engines rankings (SERPS), should not be taken lightly.  Strategically written content, dense with keywords, tells the engine’s that there is relevant information on your site related to your keyword selection. Keywords and optimized content are one of the top ways to get your audience to your site, but once they are there, it takes well written content that is aligned with your objectives, to influence the buying process.

Here are some points to consider when contemplating the content for your Internet marketing plan.

  • In any market category potential customers head online to do initial research. They are actively searching for information on what you are selling. This is a great opportunity to deliver a targeted message at a precise moment. When potential customers are on a quest for content, it is not wise to saturate your site with hard sell. Though an evident call to action is necessary, well written informative content is what will gain trust, and affect the buying process.
  • Marketing strategies fail to recognize the potential of there websites, and the online market in general. People don’t go onto the web looking for advertising; they are looking for useful content. Content does not simply refer to written text; content can also refer to optimized images of products, or optimized video of your services. The longer a potential client stays on you site, the more likely you are to lead them through the buying process.
  • Content in the form of blogs or press releases are powerful at establishing you as a thought leader in your industry. It is a form of two-way communication, that not only establishes trust, but also creates an opportunity for you to receive feed back about your product or service. Anything that gets people involved with the content on your site provides a great way to engage visitors, build their interest and move them through the buying process.

If you are in a very competitive field, looking for #1 rankings with the most competitive terms in your field you need to understand that SEO is becoming very competitive, and to stay on top you have to pull ahead and out of the old ways of managing content, updating and posting optimized content to your site regularly.

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How Web Content Influences The Buying Process

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