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Do Web Directory Submissions Help with Pageranking

Internet Marketing November 7th, 2007


As far as my research shows they do. Statistics show that 75% to 80% of the top 10% of searches are not only cataloged by Google Directory but also by Dmoz.org. What is Dmoz you ask? Dmoz.org is a directory of websites, reviewed by the editors based on a set of submission guidelines.

Google’s Pagerank™ technology measures the relevancy of content on a webpage for keyword terms being searched in Search Engine’s, and is known to favor big name directories such as Dmoz.org, Yahoo and Looksmart.

As mentioned, ODP (Open Directory Project) or Dmoz.org links are important in attaining high page rankings, here are some pointers on getting your site listed on ODP.. Set aside the time. It does take time, but it’s not difficult.

. Unique, well written and keyworded content on your website.
. Properly following the directory guidelines for submission.
. If your website blends different sections to meet distinctive need of your customer or consumer submit your site to each section separately.

If you have a completely non-commercial website, one of the best places to get listed is www.zeal.com directory, which can also function as a path to get you into another important directory Looksmart.

With Zeal you need to pass a member quiz before you can submit your website and it could be worth your time as you get time re-think some fairly straightforward questions and learn something new.

So to sum it up its worth getting listed in as many directories you can. In times when getting links from Social Network is fashionable, getting listed on directory is not yet passé.

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Do Web Directory Submissions Help with Pageranking

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