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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Internet Marketing July 4th, 2012


Having been at the infancy of email marketing, we have consulted many email marketers in how to get the most out of their list and all digital communications. Here are a few tips to help you get started and maximize performance. If you don’t have a list but still want to do email marketing I have enclosed a small list below for other resources and sources for find third party opted in lists.

1. Make sure you personalize your communication. This means, “Hi (First Name)”, most email providers allow you to personalize with a person’s name or adding a company name.

2. Provide value, it is not okay to just blast offers or deals, people will get tired of this and opt out of receiving future emails. Sales cycle is often a long one, providing value with relevant information is a great way to build trust.

3. Always include an opt out link! You can make some people really upset if you don’t give them the ability to opt out.

4. Don’t over blast your list. Once every couple months is enough to keep people in tune with your message and not annoy them.

5. Always ask a question or try to engage them. This means giving them something else to do with your email. This can include multiple click options or offers to click.

Following these helpful tips should give you a head start to building your email marketing messages. If you want to rent a third party list here are a few sources that can facilitate renting a third party list.

1. www.westlists.com – They deal in all lists, from email to snail mail
2. www.listsbroker.com – Similar to West List Co., they are a full service list brokerage
3. www.emaillistcanada.com – Deal in Email Lists for Canada.

Post By Troy Weston (1 Posts)

Troy Weston owns and operates Westlist, a Toronto-based email list provider.Troy Weston


Troy Weston owns and operates Westlist, a Toronto-based email list provider.Troy Weston
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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

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