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5 Steps to Make a Good, Successful Infographic

Infographics June 13th, 2012



Infographics are a visual representation of information or knowledge, in other words infographics are pop-up picture books of the internet.

A lot of advertising agencies across the world are turning to infographics as a means of communicating with their audience. Infographics can quite easily become viral which is great for brand recognition. So what makes a good infographic?

1. Design

As the infographic is a visual representation the design is key. If it isn’t nice to look at, no one will read it or share it and why should they! As a rule of thumb the overall look of an infographic should be based on the information you want to share.  Always consider what fonts and colours you use carefully, you don’t want to be too overpowering but you want to grab the audiences attention. Infographics need to be able to be read easily avoid using tiny fonts you don’t want to make the audience squint also avoidfonts that are too big.

Here’s an example

2. Information

Again this is essential without it you don’t have the infographic! Your information needs to be acurate, up to date and interesting. If the info you’re trying to get across doesnt appeal to the audience then it won’t get shared.

3. Be different

Be clever in what you are trying to get across to your audience. Pie charts and graphs can be spiced up around the theme your infographic is on.

E.g. This infographic has a bar chart but uses smoke as the bars.

4. Relate to your brand

The infographic has to be relevant to your brand. There is no point creating an infographic on a topic that has no relevance to your brand, if your infographic goes viral you want the audience to relate it to your brand. Using your imagination you can pretty much tie anything into your brand using an infographic, therefore reaching out to a larger sized audience…So don’t worry if you don’t think your brand is “cool” enough or the products you sell are not “sexy”.

5.  Make it easy to share

Remember to add share buttons to your infographics to increase the chances of your infographic getting shared. The easier the infographic is to share the better.
If you create an infographic that is too good NOT to share you’re on your way. Hopefully the points above will increase your chances of going viral. Good Luck.

Post By Jon Harley (1 Posts)


Jon Hartley works for a UK based company called TonerGiant Ltd and deals with their product development, specialising in printer consumables. He’s loves sports and technology.
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5 Steps to Make a Good, Successful Infographic

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