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Why Is Email Marketing Still Crucial in 2021?

Email Marketing May 26th, 2021


Why Is Email Marketing Still Crucial In 2021?

Email has been around almost as long as the internet itself. It’s reliable, it’s immediate, and it’s intention-focused.

Many novice marketers can’t believe that it’s just as effective as it used to be many years ago. They can’t help but ask, “Does email marketing work in 2021?”

The answer is yes, it does.

Not only does it work, but it does so extremely well. Emails are great at connecting and engaging your prospects and customers to drive sales. They can be customized to the recipient’s needs and provide visually scannable content that hooks in audiences and gets them to take the desired action.

Sure, customer preferences and behaviours have changed, but email marketing and its related tools have evolved. As a result, businesses have more opportunities than ever to reach out to potential and existing customers.

Despite the growth of chat apps and mobile messengers, email remains an integral part of marketers’ plans. It can help your business connect with consumers and prospects in a highly targeted manner and successfully drive conversions and ROI back to your business.

Email Marketing Is Still a Preferred Communication Channel


Today, many people consider social networks a means of personal communication to help them stay in touch with family and friends. When users sign in to their social accounts, they spend time looking at updates and photos from familiar people.

On the contrary, email is a professional medium where people expect to receive all the information about relevant products and services.

According to MarketingSherpa, more customers want to receive advertising content via email than the 17% who prefer social media platforms. Given email marketing’s ability to increase conversions, it’s no surprise that email is the most powerful marketing channel to generate positive revenue for your company.

In addition, email marketing yields 3,800% ROI, on average, for businesses, which means that for each dollar spent on email campaigns, you generate $38. All in all, email is a strong and cost-effective communication channel for marketers, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Emails Are Great for Customer Engagement and Retention

Connect and interact with your existing and prospective customers by collecting their email addresses and get consent to involve them in your email ad campaigns. For instance, promotional emails are ideal avenues to educate your audience and present your offers without being too intrusive and sales-y.

Here are some ways to efficiently reach out to your target audience, engage with them, and retain them through email marketing

  • The content of your email marketing needs to be powerful. Make sure your email is value-laden if you aim to acquire and retain your customers. Share tips and tricks and how your product/service can help them solve their problems, best uses, features, etc.
  • When sending out emails, use interactive formats, appealing designs, and diversify the content. Add infographics, videos, GIFs, and other content collateral to see what gets the best response from your recipients. You can also leverage the WordPress newsletter plugin to send various newsletters.
  • Keep your email subject lines straightforward and concise. Also, be direct, to the point, and ask questions that pique their interests and arouse their curiosity, ultimately increasing the open rates.

Email Marketing Builds Brand Connection and Loyalty

More than ever, being real matters in 2021. Consumers expect to see a genuine commitment and an authentic identity to your cause. Email marketing is a powerful way for brands to build instant connections with their customers/audience and build their loyalty.

Email enhances your brand’s ability to effectively communicate its values and develop a genuine connection with your customers. It’s a vital aspect that determines your business’s survival in the future as they place their trust and even more importance on your brand’s values and beliefs.

More than 60% of customers now base their purchase decisions on how a brand communicates and shares its values. Additionally, you can’t fool consumers with catchy phrases and vague promises: they expect to see that your brand is walking the talk.

Emails Are Still Effective at Getting Your Audience to Take Action


Email marketing is a robust way to influence your target audience to take an intended action on your promotional offers.

For instance, send out emails with a video tutorial detailing how users can benefit from your product, and add a CTA like “Buy Now” to entice your subscribers to click and purchase it.

You can add urgency to your deals and offers to draw your customers’ attention by including discounts and coupons to seal the deal. This makes your prospects feel like they have no option but to hit that buy button and take the desired action.

Implement the following email marketing strategies to draft more compelling email messages.

  • Make your call-to-action buttons prominent with bright or contrasting colors. Also, keep your text actionable and to the point.
  • Ensure that your CTA button directs the subscriber to your site’s landing page instead of your homepage.
  • Perform split testing to determine the email versions or formats that drive better click-through, conversions, open rates, and other intended actions.

Emails Integrate With Your Marketing Channels Seamlessly

Emails allow you to amplify integration with other marketing channels seamlessly, enhancing your integrated marketing efforts, such as webinars, content, and social media marketing.

Placing clickable icons of social media on your newsletter footer and embedding your social media posts is a great way to make most of your email marketing campaigns. That way, your subscribers can better know your brand by following you on digital forums.

If your marketing strategy is image and graphics-heavy, a forum like Pinterest can work wonders for your brand and product-related images. Try adding the “Pin it” button to the visuals in your emails, enabling subscribers to save them on their Pinterest accounts.

Email marketing is a versatile channel that also helps you promote your webinars and share them by adding detailed information. Irrespective of your marketing campaign, you can use emails to reinforce your branding in the minds of target consumers.

Make sure you are consistent with your promotions across all channels and insert your site links to interact with your customers on multiple platforms.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing campaigns will continue to be effective in 2021 and beyond.

They drive sales, improve customer retention and engagement, establish and sustain your brand image, and do so much more for your marketing initiatives. This makes investing in email marketing a no-brainer.

If you add to this the fact that emails are practically free, there is absolutely no reason for any business not to include them in their 2021 marketing strategies. Get started today to see an immediate impact on your business’s bottom line.



Post By Jay T. Ripton (4 Posts)

Jay T. Ripton is a freelance business, technology and lifestyle writer out of Scottsdale. He loves to write to inform, educate and provoke minds. Follow him on Twitter @JTRipton


Jay T. Ripton is a freelance business, technology and lifestyle writer out of Scottsdale. He loves to write to inform, educate and provoke minds. Follow him on Twitter @JTRipton
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Why Is Email Marketing Still Crucial in 2021?

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