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How to Keep the Good Content Ideas Flowing

There are countless tips and tricks for attracting people to your blog or social media profiles, but it really all boils down to one question: Is your content interesting?

If everything you post is engaging and thought-provoking, people will return, post comments and attract new followers to your pages. But if you’re boring, no tips or tricks will lure them in — at least not for repeat visits.

With that understanding fully realized, the pressure is on. How do you consistently create and post thoughtful, relevant content? No matter what type of business you’re in, the truth is that one day just might not be as interesting as the last. Add to that your own situation — did you stay up too late, or are you distracted?

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The answer is not to simply throw the first thing that comes to mind up onto your Facebook page or Twitter feed and call it a day for your social media marketing. By planning ahead and creating a repository of ideas and ‘evergreen’ content, it’s possible to ensure a constant stream of highly informative and interesting content, even when you’re feeling ‘blah’ or are just too overwhelmed to focus for more than five minutes on Facebook.

Here’s how to eliminate social media writer’s block for good:

1. Utilize Your Idle Moments

The most difficult part of writing a blog post is often coming up with the title and first line. But chances are, you have moments in your day when you’re walking, driving or riding that could be put to use for brainstorming. Whether it’s in the shower or during your commute, make use of time when you’re not under pressure to come up with ideas for posts, so that once you’re at your computer, the words will flow easily.

2. Keep a Notebook

Don’t let a good idea get away. When something inspires you that could lead to a great post, write it down so that you’ll remember. These days, it’s not even necessary to carry a real notebook. Choose a good app for your phone to save notes (and links) in, or simply text or email yourself as you go.

3. Make a Company Calendar

On what date was your company founded? When did you go public, or reach your first million dollars in sales? Keep a calendar that includes your company’s landmark dates, and celebrate these on Facebook, Twitter and in blog posts. Self-promotion isn’t always the best approach for attracting followers online, but on days where it’s actually significant, a public pat on your own back reminds people that you’re a growing, viable business with a credible history.

4. Be Inspiring

What inspires you? Whenever you find a line in a novel or magazine article, or hear something on TV or in a movie that stands out to you, jot it down and think about how that can apply to your company. People immediately relate to names they recognize, and tying in a bit of celebrity or inspirational artistry into your social posts will attract and connect followers who realize that the people at your company enjoy the same things they do.

5. Ask Questions

It’s an old trick, but when it comes to inspiring comments and sparking a conversation that will help spread a post, asking a thoughtful question can go a long way. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to solicit useful feedback for your business. Don’t be afraid to ask the opinions of your online followers — in many cases, these are your most valued customers. Listen to what they say, and empower them by responding to their feedback.

6. Sponsor a Charity or Local Sports Team

Nothing screams ‘part of the community’ like backing a local charity or little league team. If you’re a small business, consider supporting a neighborhood soccer or baseball team, and chart their games and progress via social media. Likewise, a respected nonprofit may host an event that needs sponsors from a local business. Get the most out of your donation by highlighting the work of the charity on your pages, connecting your business and their good work with your readers.

7. Get Extra Mileage Out of Good Reviews

We live in an age of online reviews, from Yelp to TripAdvisor. Now that Google Reviews are integrated into search listings, virtually every type of business is subject to the whims of customers hungry to spread the word about a good (or bad) experience. You’re probably already keeping an eye on your reviews, so make a point to highlight the most glowing comments on your social pages. You will likely get even more affirmation and better your reputation online.

Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at the screen with a bad case of Tweeter’s block? What steps have you found for coming up with engaging new content?

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