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Content Marketing Tips For The Health And Fitness Industry

The health and fitness industry has dominated online content like no other vertical. But how can businesses and brands stand out in a saturated market?

Like a stellar workout routine, your content marketing strategy should improve your (organic) health. This industry is at a unique vantage point to drive high engagement with compelling, motivational and inspirational content. But in order to stand out, you’ll need to pull your weight.

Your Brand

Before you put pen to paper — or hands to keyboard — you’ll need to clearly define your brand. How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Ensure all aspects of your brand are aligned, including the core of your business and it’s processes, services, and aesthetic. Additionally, if you have staff or trainers who are willing to be personally branded, this could really elevate your content strategy.

Your Audience

The wellness industry is vast, so it’s important to nail down your audience. This will help to guide your content strategy. Is your content geared to the professional or amateur athlete? The fitness instructor or hobbyist? The wellness guru with intermediate knowledge? The newbie with big goals to improve their health and fitness?

More than likely, you want to reach more than one audience. But it’s important to cater specific pieces of content to various users.

Content Curation

This industry is all about the story — it’s what makes those Olympics commercials so powerful! You can connect with your audience and strike an emotional chord with the right content. Showcase the success of clients who meet their fitness goals, guide your audience as they strive for athletic greatness, and offer tips and advice for the novice.


When it comes to social, engagement should be your top priority. Community-building is essential for the fitness industry — which is comprised primarily of passionate, like-minded individuals. With paid social advertising, you can effectively distribute your content to the right audiences. Even more, boosting organic posts will help you to reach more of your current audience.

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for health and fitness industry. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter allow you to showcase your brand personality, and grow a community around your business by sharing events as they unfold.


It’s critical to leverage expert commentary to drive results with your health and fitness content. In general, all written content — blogs, interviews, interactive content — should be educational or inspirational.

One of the best strategies is to feature your own staff. Ask them to contribute blogs, quotes, and take part in interviews — this grows your authority online and allows you to deliver high quality, scalable content. If you’re stuck for content, here’s a few popular topic suggestions to get you started:


Keep the above tips in mind and you’ll be generating high-cardio content in no time. Have any questions? Leave them below.

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