The Website Blueprint- TechWyse in A Nutshell

Neuro Marketing with a Website Blueprint?

Ever wonder why some products just seem to fly like the wind right from launch? I will give you a small tip, it's all in the research being done, rarely is this just a fluke!

About 1 year ago I began to study the art of sculpting websites. The new rule of thumb is 90% research and 10% build time. This is the true way to the top 10 fold. Not only that, if you have a blueprint engineer available to you, your market opens right up. You will discover markets you never knew existed.

Over the last 6 months I have been developing a blueprint for TechWyse. It has not been easy because we are a rapidly expanding company. New products, ideas and process documents are being added daily / weekly / monthly. The beautiful thing about a blueprinted website is you can always add, modify and refresh it. You see, markets are always changing! Is your website moving with the times?

Based on my 6 months of research at TechWyse I am proud to bring forward an overview of the architecture if our new website as seen by a blueprint engineer.

Here is my 'take' on TechWyse in a nutshell…

Search Engine Optimization Services

TechWyse provides ethical search engine optimization services. Monthly maintenance packages are available based on PFP (pay for performance).

Services IncludeSearch Engine Optimization Services

  • Internet market research
  • Search engine optimization company
  • Optimization services
  • Keyword research
  • Study search engine spiders
  • Current search engine market knowledge
  • Search engine promotion
  • Organic Search Results
  • Seo Analysis/ Audit

Pay Per Click Management

Google Adwords certified professionals. MCC (master client center) management. Services also reach into Yahoo Network, Facebook, and Bing.Pay Per Click Management

  • An integrated pay per click program
  • Google AdWords Qualified
  • Master Client Adwords Management
  • Manage Yahoo! marketing campaigns
  • Manage Bing pay per click
  • Create Facebook advertising ads
  • Specialize in PPC search engine marketing
  • Focus on conversion optimization
  • Examine user design for conversion improvement

A Measurement and Tracking SystemA Measurement and Tracking System

A marketing system to test and measure all online promotional efforts is needed. You want to leave no stone left unturned. With the TechWyse 'Lead Management' system you are connected to the heartbeat of your website.

Tracking and Measuring Services Include

  • Multivariate testing
  • Website usability design
  • Website optimizer testing
  • Website statistics examination and reporting
  • Landing page conversion rate
  • Conversion tracking
  • Website conversion
  • Measurement analysis
  • Internet marketing strategy
  • Tracking code


Get and Manage Business LeadsManage Business Leads

TechWyse has developed its own lead management system that allows you to have a bird's eye view of all your leads and phone calls.

Management Services Include

  • How to get leads that are targeted
  • Have your own lead generation system
  • Aim your web marketing efforts
  • Become a network marketing genius
  • How does lead marketing work?
  • Strategic permission email marketing
  • Your own lead management
  • Effectively manage lead generation


A Google Authorized Analytics Consultant

In August 2008, TechWyse became one of a select few North American companies to earn the distinct Google Analytics certification.

Analytic Services IncludeGoogle Analytics Certified

  • A website consultant for data interpretation
  • Google Analytics Authorized Consultants


  • A closer look at user experience consulting
  • An analytics blog for additional help
  • Expanding user experience research
  • Fine tuning user experience design
  • Making sense out of help statistics
  • Collecting actionable google research
  • Helping traffic statistics point in the right direction
  • Spanking the dreaded bounce rate

High Conversion Web Design

We are a tier 1 website design company. Our team of almost 70 internet marketing and design warriors work as your single unit of high test online effective marketing, measurement and tracking force.

Web Services Include

  • Incorporating user experience in design
  • Amazing homepage designs
  • Engineered landing page design
  • Tier 1- web site consultant design
  • Original concept design
  • Graphic design web site services
  • Existing website development services
  • Blueprinted design websites
  • Custom skinned WordPress blog development

Ever Expanding Google Services

TechWyse has been a huge proponent in using the many effective Google services that are available. From AdWords qualified to Analytics certified we also endorse the use of 100's of other great Google products found on thier Google products page.

Google Service Types IncludeGoogle Services

  • Using google print
  • What is google local match?
  • Hey I'm on Google television
  • Im also on Google radio!
  • Analytics Reporting


Complete Copywriting TeamCopywriting Team

In today's marketing climate it is necessary to realize the audience you are writing your content for. If your audience is online then you need to be able to write in short, small bites sized, meaningful chunks. TechWyse has a talented and diverse team of content writers.

On Staff Copywriting Services Include

  • The power of persuasive copywriting
  • Composing direct marketing copywriting
  • Ethical seo copywriting
  • Powerful web copywriting
  • Guidance in marketing copywriting
  • Writing for pay per click advertising
  • How to target prospect
  • Free copywriting tips
  • A professional copywriter for technical projects

Websites Built for Website UsabilityWebsite Usability

How your website visitors interact with your website will determine the conversion rate of your traffic. Testing for usability is a must to increase the production of goal fulfillment.

  • Start with usability analysis
  • Get a usability audit
  • Our usability lab digs in the trenches
  • Top user research methods employed
  • Planned, graphic design websites
  • A passion for top design websites
  • Testing homepage usability
  • How to design websites that convert
  • Determine user website factors
  • Top design websites best practices

Internet Marketing Strategies

At the core of your success rate with any online venture is the strategy you call your 'master plan'. Without it you are almost certainly doomed from the start. With it your rank ability, visitor usability, and primary message are concise.

Strategic Services Include

  • Ideas for advertising design
  • Online advertising and building campaigns
  • Improving marketing techniques
  • Working with a marketing strategist
  • Free internet marketing tips
  • Learn sales techniques
  • What is internet marketing?
  • A blog full of internet marketing tips articles
  • Increasing link popularity
  • Ethical ways to get inbound links

This is Robert Kennedy's perception for a skeleton blueprint as it would apply to the massive TechWyse Internet marketing machine. While it may seem like I have just described the services we offer, it actually is a description of a website blueprint which I have happened to use TechWyse as the example for!  If you are interested to learn more on how I arrived at this architecture, watch this: architechural website building video.


Robert can be found in the TechWyse experimentation lab mixing his 'Internet Marketing' potions every single day. Blessed with advanced level knowledge in the entire internet marketing sector dating back to 1998, Robert often contributes to the Rise To The Top blog with his analytics input through his in depth work experiences.In 2011 Robert moved up to Orillia on Lake Couchiching. Once settled in the Sunshine city, was launched to help businesses tap into the awesome opportunities online. With a special knack for internet marketing and measurement, Robert is helping businesses in and around Orillia shine like fine cut diamonds.

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    These are great tips and very timely for me as my company embarks on a new area Internet Marketing. (in a small way)

    I can imbibe a lot from your real time experiences. Result oriented research, marketers are never too far behind in the online world.

    Robert – spot on as usual with more on your online marketing experiences :)

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    There is a Chinese proverb which says never test water depth with both your legs. Doing a market research before launching a product is a practice resorted to by all major companies. It helps them assess market potential and fine tune their marketing strategies based on the research findings. Failure to gauge the market potential before could have disastrous consequences and the product could meet a premature death.

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    Basically what this post does it delves into the services of a given company ( in this case TechWyse) and organizes the things that it does. All company websites should be doing this before they begin their own website planning.

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    Now that’s an impressive array of services that Techwyse has got. Never thought Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization spanned such diverse areas. An outsider, it was by chance that I found the TechWyse website and blog. And I must say that the quality of the articles and the refreshing website design have really appealed to me. No wonder I’ve been a regular visitor here since then. Thanks guys.

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    Hi Robert,
    Productive Internet marketing depends on continuous research & relentless efforts from an IM company. There actually is a good deal of truth in this.

    Your draft unveils the humble efforts of your company in gaining a laudable position in the highly competitive online marketing scene. Its inciting too.

    I am strongly supporting your internet marketing strategies especially ethical practicing, hallmarks of a noble company.


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    One major point not mentioned here…

    For most people, trying to build a site that takes advantage of organic and paid traffic is something that shouldn’t be gambled with. If you are trying to get maximum results for your efforts, you should really hire the best team you possible. Even with the simplest tools, the pros will still take a campaign a lot further than any single person or company can. That’s the advantage of not only knowing which tools to use, but also know how to use them.


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    Your blueprint thoughts are highly pondering. Research with a clear goal is required for the success of every website, & if it is an internet marketing company this aspect is even more relevant. You’ve unzipped market savvy efforts of a company having great credentials. Thanks Robert!!!


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