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TechWyse Thanksgiving 2011

Company News October 7th, 2011



I conducted a quick survey on what all of us at TechWyse are thankful for. It yielded some nerdy, and some rather heartfelt results that included…

  • Webmaster Tools in Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts
  • The Google AdWords Offline Editor
  • Google Chrome Incognito window
  • Google
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Hootsuite
  • Advanced Web Ranking software
  • Cloud computing
  • AdLuge enhancements
  • Our sweet new T1 line phone system

Or take this food for thought from our Director of Internet Marketing Jon Dyer:

“Primarily, I am thankful for a healthy happy family both at TechWyse and at home. Let’s put things in perspective here… being able to experience and enjoy our lives and feel in harmony with our direction is what “it” is all about. The passing of Steve Jobs recently really highlighted what is possible when you combine action, intention and destiny and for the next year I hope that I can act as he did in life and business and make positive change for those around me.”

Jon’s sentiments are echoed throughout TechWyse – a very special thanks to all of our family and friends, we love you and thank you for supporting us in doing what we love.

Also, a big thank you to our CEO DJ Kennedy who wasn’t able to join us for our lunch today, hope you get a kick out of these pictures!

Lastly, a big thanks to Melissa, Britt and Michelle who prepared a Thanksgiving feast for the ages. Enjoy!

The unveiling:

Unveiling our Thanksgiving Turkey!

The obligatory close-up:

Turkey - The main course!

Jon gets carving (looks scary if you block out the turkey):

Carving our Thanksgiving Turkey

The spread:

Thanksgiving Feast

Brett about to gnaw down on a leg:

Eddy looking lively!Project Manager Eddy

Good times in the Rise Lounge

Rise Top to the Top Lounge

The TechWyse Management Team (minus a few):

The TechWyse Management Team

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TechWyse Thanksgiving 2011

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