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March Rise to the Top Wrapup

Company News April 23rd, 2008



Some wonderful news. The TechWyse Client Centre has officially arrived!

If you don’t know already, here are some of the benefits of the system:

• View all your reports including cost per conversion, organic rankings and website analytics.
• Get your current website forms hooked up to our lead management system and begin measuring lead metrics and use the system as a CRM to make notes and remind yourself on follow ups!
• Get the latest industry news, and information!

Some website development releases:

Seager Hair Transplant Centrewww.seagerhairtransplant.com – this is a product of industry research. Mainly appealing to the male market, we built a design that was attractive to men. We integrated a blog and a very extensive video in which we did the full film, lighting, production and integration of the hair transplant video. You can check out the online video production here:

– Dr McKenzie and his team were a joy to work with and we congratulate Brittany and the team on a job well done! We are looking forward to performing the A/B testing on the sites website conversion statistics from before and after the sites launch.

– AlarmForce, a leading security company has launched a new product for home monitoring. They came to us with a unique demographic – they wanted to appeal to those that needed assistance should they require help at home. (mainly for seniors and disabled people) We responded by delivering a site that is easy to navigate, describes a clear call to action and provides an easy 1-2-3 step method to getting through the sales funnel. We believe the aesthetics to this site will lend themselves well to a successful product launch.

New Service Launches:

• Many of our clients are very impressed with the detail we are providing them in terms of online conversions and mapping out the ultimate cost per conversion. What we were not able to do in the past was map out the actual phone calls that were being received as a result of our online campaigns. TechWyse is proud to announce the development of a new product we are launching : “CallLogics” With this service you are able to login to a central area to view all your call metrics including: people that have called you, source of phone calls, review of actual conversations and a full suite of call metrics.


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March Rise to the Top Wrapup

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