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June 2009 Rise To The Top Wrapup

Company News July 13th, 2009



We are now well into the month of July 2009 but in the review of the search marketing world in June 2009 you will see there was a great deal going on!

June 2009 Internet Marketing News

  • Bing arrived with a bang – or so we thought!  There was a great deal of hype in the search marketing world about the release of the new ‘decision engine’ launched by Microsoft.  As you can see by the Search Engine Market share for the month of June — considering all the hype, Bing hardly made a dent.
  • Facebook finally followed Twitter’s lead and allowed people to identify themselves with simple URL names.  The trouble is that they didn’t do the same for companies that have Facebook pages.  That means that while the ‘free for all’ for names occurred early in June, if you were a business owner you had to either leave your company name out on the line or reserve it with your own personal profile. 

Conversion Friendly Website Launches in June 2009

Jiffy Storage

Jiffy Self Storage This Toronto area self storage has been benefiting from strong search engine visibility for several years.  After working for quite some time with the client we identified a plan to improve website conversion.  This meant the development of a web site with a focus on the core web site goal – getting people looking for local self storage to call or leave their follow up information.  The end result is a site closely in line with the corporate branding and a happy client!


Phil Castleton Photography

Philip Castleton As one of Toronto’s busiest corporate photographers, Phil Castleton came to us with concerns that he needed a website that was search engine friendly but would not hinder the visual presentation of his web site.  Mission accomplished!  By integrating flash within an HTML website and providing much needed content to go with his fantastic photo gallery the site is primed and ready for website leads.  This site was also listed internally as a top 3 design of the 2009 quarter!

Ram Express

Ram ExpressThis client came to us to help with visitor engagement and conversion on their pay per click campaigns.  The process we followed suggested that we needed to build a landing page that would get to an actionable step much faster than the current public website.

The landing page features a top banner sales funnel, a quick form and quick pointed information wrapped around the website goal.

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June 2009 Rise To The Top Wrapup

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