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12 Days of TechWyse

Company News December 19th, 2016



The holidays are officially in full swing. Our office tree is trimmed, with our Secret Santa gifts tucked safely beneath. We’re sending holiday cheer to all our clients and friends, and on that note, we’ve compiled an infographic of the 12 Days of TechWyse, reminding all our readers of the important services we provide all year round.

*clears throat and prepares for caroling*

On the first day of TechWyse my Account Manager gave to me …



Post By Emily Burke (33 Posts)


Emily is TechWyse's Content Specialist. She's a writer and editor with a background in journalism, including magazines, web content and infographics. Her writing has been published in Maclean's, Canadian Living and in CBC blogs, among others.

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12 Days of TechWyse

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