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10 Free Social Media Courses to Grow your Business

Social media has become more than just a potential tool for business success. It has become a critical part of any business’s marketing strategy. Many customers won’t even consider a product, service or brand if they don’t have…Read more


Posted by in Social Media Marketing on August 25th, 2016


7 Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Your Business

For many Internet users, Facebook is practically the default social network given its immensely huge number of account holders. There is so much more to Facebook, though, than just exchanging posts and pics. With Facebook Live, you can…Read more

use facebook live for your business

Posted by in Social Media Marketing on August 10th, 2016


How to Create Conversation with Social Media

Since the creation of social media platforms like Hi5, Friendster, and MySpace, expressing yourself online and connecting with people around the world has become extremely convenient. Back then, these platforms allowed users to connect with people around the world,…Read more

Cherry Kwan

Posted by in Social Media Marketing on May 18th, 2016


7 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest To Drive Conversions

Pinterest has become an important conversion driving marketing platform for businesses. And you are here to know how to drive conversion through Pinterest, right? B2C Marketers say that Pinterest is a gold mine for them. Do you agree…Read more

Umesh Singh

Posted by in Social Media Marketing on April 14th, 2016


Facebook Rolls Out ‘Reacted to Your’- The Coveted Emoji Feature

Around September last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was trying to make the like button more empathetic. Since February 24th, 2016, Facebook users around the globe can ‘react’ to posts in their news feed rather than just…Read more

facebook rolls out emojis
Cinda Jason

Posted by in Social Media Marketing on February 25th, 2016


How to Drive Social Media Referral Traffic to Your Website

Where does most of your website traffic come from? Most of you would probably answer organic search or paid search. However, social media is often one of the channels that drives a generous amount of traffic to a…Read more

Cherry Kwan

Posted by in Social Media Marketing on February 18th, 2016


How to Improve Social Media Engagement with Visual Content

We all want to know that one trick that will help us win on social media. Maybe a quick hack to win on Facebook, or to create the next viral post. I don’t have that magic solution, but…Read more


Posted by in Social Media Marketing on January 22nd, 2016


How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing the Right Way

As promising as it is, the use of automation software for your marketing efforts isn’t all rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns. It is actually a double-edged sword, especially if you rely too much on the automated processes instead of…Read more


Posted by in Social Media Marketing on January 20th, 2016


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