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Calgary –the Economic Scenario

Calgary boasts of a booming economy and is one of the largest industrial centres in Canada with 87% of the oil and gas industry of Canada concentrated here. However, Calgary is presently shifting its focus from traditional strength in mining to the IT services, finance and business, transportation, tourism and cultural activities. This is in part a result of the favorable corporate taxes in Alberta province, which levies the lowest corporate taxes in the country.

Calgary houses the headquarters of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Imperial Oil Company. Calgary is second to Toronto in the concentration of corporate head offices. Due to its favorable location, Calgary is considered the transportation hub for much of Central and Western Canada. The economy of Calgary is also boosted by the presence of the Calgary International Airport (YYC), which has surged to being fourth largest international airport in Canada, both in terms of passenger traffic and cargo movement.


Internet marketing consultants Boost profits of Business in Calgary

Large and small businesses in Calgary are awakening to the truth of their website being marketing weapons. Maintaining a website alone will not increase your profits. Without proper exposure, it’s just another website among million others. A lot of expertise and know-how of an Internet Marketing professional is required before the profit making energy of a website can be uncapped. Techwyse, a certified Internet Marketing Company, offers tailor-made solution to get higher Return-on-Investment from online and offline marketing efforts. A website’s ability to attract visitors and convert them to profits depends on lot of varying complex factors. Calgary based businesses eager to get on the Internet marketing bandwagon will benefit immensely from hiring the services of internet marketing firm like Techwyse!

Health Care in Vancouver

In a national poll survey conducted recently, people considered availability of Medicare facilities in Calgary to be one of their first priorities. Medical facilities are provided both by the provincial government as well as by the large number of private hospitals in Calgary. Calgary is home to some of the leading super specialty hospitals in child care and heart diseases. Techwyse is providing Internet marketing services to a large number of these hospitals.

Health Care in Vancouver

Calgary is clocking a record economic growth year, and this has resulted in a large number of leading law firms of Canada setting shop in Calgary. A faster economic growth will obviously reflect in an increase in the number of litigations. Many of these law firms in Calgary make use of the internet to converse with their clients in several other parts of the country.

Techwyse, being the leading provider of Internet marketing services in Calgary, is in a position to offer an array of Internet marketing services to these law firms in Calgary. Many of these firms are specialized in corporate law, commercial law, class action, franchise, and labor laws.

Law Firms in Vancouver
Law Firms in Vancouver
Real Estate in Vancouver

The real estate sector in Calgary is on a dream run. With the surge in economic activity, the demand for housing and other construction activities has increased manifold. The land prices in Calgary have soared and the real estate sector is busy finding adequate land to satisfy the ever increasing demand for additional space. Real estate agents in Calgary are reported to be netting in an annual return of 20% and for the year 2006, the return has been a whopping 38%. These numbers have only increased since then.

With the real estate sector projected to maintain this momentum, the industry leaders are scouting for capable Internet marketing companies in Calgary who can position them in a top slot in the search engines. Techwyse, being the leading real estate Internet marketing company in Calgary, with proven records of implementing SEO campaigns, is the ideal choice.

Real Estate in Vancouver

Calgary, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on the banks of the Bow River, is the largest city in the province of Alberta and the fifth largest city in Canada. Calgary is home to over 1.1 million people of diverse origins. It’s the ideal destination for winter sports and ecotourism in Canada, and played host to the first winter games in Canada in 1988. A recent survey published by Forbes in 2007 based on the Mercer quality of living index has labeled Calgary as the “World’s cleanest city”. Calgary carries the tag of “The city of festivals” and is one of the safest, cleanest and the most vibrant city in Canada.

The Business Makeup of Montreal
The Business Makeup of Montreal


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