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Images for Facebook Promoted Posts: 20% Rule

Does your photo meet Facebook policy guidelines?

Are your promoted posts being disapproved? It could very well be a result of Facebook’s text in ad policy.

We’ve created a tool to help make it easier to know whether your photo meets facebook’s text policy guidelines!

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According to Facebook’s text policy:

Ads and sponsored stories in the facebook News feed may not include images comprised of more than 20% text.

Text in product shots does not count towards the 20% limit for an image.

What are “Product Shots”?

  • Real photos of products in real situations
  • Images of product shots created in a studio or superimposed on alternate backgrounds
Note: A photo of a product where the image is zoomed in just to promote the logo or brand or is not a clear product shot must meet the 20% rule.

The policy applies to all ad units in the News Feed, including;

  • Photo page post ads
  • Link page post ads
  • Video page post ads
  • Offers
  • Mobile app install ads
  • Page Like ads

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