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Free Internet Marketing Tools by TechWyse

At TechWyse we use a lot of great tools to help us get you the best results. Sometimes we even create tools to help fill unmet needs.

This page contains links to the tools we’ve created. All these tools are free of charge. So if you like them, please feel free to share them, bookmark them, or better yet, link to them!

Facebook Image Checker for Promoted Posts

Are your promoted posts being disapproved? It could very well be a result of Facebook’s text ad policy. Facebook only allows for 20% of your image area to be text. Too much text and your ad will be disapproved.

Before we created this tool it was very difficult to tell which ads would be approved. So we created a tool to help make it easier to know whether your promoted post image meets facebook’s image policy guidelines. Saving you from ad approval delays!

Lorem Ipsum Site Scanner

Have you ever launched a website only to later notice that you’ve left dummy text somewhere on a remote page? This tool is designed to save you from having to go through that moment again!

Simply enter your domain and the Lorem Ipsum checker will scan your website for dummy text and provide you with a list of URLs that need to be cleaned up.

We don’t just stop at Lorem Ipsum, we’ll also scan for terms like “coming soon,” “under construction,” “the quick brown fox” and more!

GPablo Google Analytics Validation Tool

GPablo was built for people who’ve installed Google Analytics code on their website but who aren’t sure whether it’s been installed properly and appears on every page.

Simply enter your domain and email and we will send you a free report by email that confirms not only your Google Analytics code installation but we also check for broken links on your web site. URL Shortener is our free URL shorterner that will take a long messy link and condense it into a neat short URL.

This tool can be used to cloak your URLs and track clicks, provide redirects statistics like timing, referrers, country, and make social link sharing easier.

Stay tuned for more great tools to come! Sign up to our blog and be the first to know when a new TechWyse Internet Marketing tool is released.

If any of these tools help you, please share them! Tell people about them, and better yet, link to or write about them! We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

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