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Building a Content Marketing Strategy That Grows Your SEO and Your Business

Why You Need a Monthly Content Marketing Strategy

61% of consumers say they feel better about, and are more likely to buy from, a company that delivers custom content. Source: Salesforce.

Blogs give websites on average 434% more indexed pages. Source: Inbound Writer.

A regular flow of content means a lot to your business:

Google has placed utmost importance on fresh content. By adding content to your site, you’re telling Google that you’re site is “alive,” and it will be more likely to show your company in search results.

Content Marketing Facts:

Amazing content is the only thing that is Google update-proof. Google will never penalize useful, unique content that the user is actually looking for. Instead of spending your time on trying to beat Google algorithms, you should be focusing on asking yourself what your ideal end user really wants. After all, that’s what Google is doing. If you aren’t sure what type of content would go over best with your audience, run a reader survey, put yourself in their shoes, or answer the question in a way that blows your competitors’ out of the water.

-Kelsey Jones Search Engine Journal

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen Content helps SEO because it always remains relevant and stays fresh for readers. For example, a blog for a cosmetics doctor might answer the question, “What is the healing time for a broken nose?” This article will always be relevant; hence it will be ‘evergreen’ because the answer will never change. With TechWyse Evergreen Content, we aim to answer questions that people are searching for.

Evergreen Content is not:

What is Youtility and How Does it Help With Evergreen Content?

The concept of “Youtility” is the concept of creating content that is useful to people. The idea of a marketing strategy that involves being useful is easier and more effective to replicate than a grandiose marketing stunt.

When you provide content that’s useful, you build trust with your site visitors. People who visit multiple pages on your website are far more likely to convert than those who don’t. What’s more is they are easier to close because they’ve already been educated by your content!

Why TechWyse?

TechWyse specializes in creating content that encourages action. Here are a few reasons to work with TechWyse:

We’ve found that the best content marketing strategies are those that have evergreen at the core. It’s what separates bland blogs from blogs that perform!

Evergreen Content Packages

Here are a sample of some of our content marketing packages. Once you are engaged in the service, we can show you some very unique approaches to how we deliver content.

Spark 4 articles /mth

Ignitor 8 articles /mth

Wildfire 16 articles /mth

Inferno 32 articles /mth

For more information about our evergreen content marketing strategy give us a call to speak with someone about how we can help you at 1-866-288-6046.