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Website Performance Tracking & Measurement

There’s Truth in The Data! Measure Your Return on Investment

At TechWyse, we don’t ask our clients for long-term contracts. We like demonstrating results and allowing clients to make data-driven decisions on their internet marketing. It is our results that we rely on to continue to grow with our clients. That is why measurement is so important!

Our Account Managers are GAIQ certified (Google Analytics Individual Qualification), and are here to help your company succeed, and grow.

We love watching your clients grow and succeed! Why? Because if they do, so do we! We use AdLuge to help understand the progress of all client metrics including leads, lead sources, paid search campaigns, SEO and Analytics. By using AdLuge we can spend more time making recommendations and less time fumbling through a multitude of analytics programs.


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the all-in-one internet marketing measurement and lead management software!

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