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About HealthGene

HealthGene, is a leading Canadian company providing veterinary DNA diagnostic services since 2000, located in Toronto. As an industry leader, HealthGene felt it was time to update their website to a more user-friendly design and backend.


HealthGene’s previous website included an e-commerce feature for users to purchase products through PayPal. Noticing the increase in online sales, the demand for a user-friendly website became a high priority. HealthGene came to us to create a custom website that would have functions such as a content management system and a PayPal plugin.

After reviewing the clients’ needs, we noted the following requirements:

  • Conversion tools needed
  • Custom website design
  • Ability to add DNS testing products through the admin
  • Search engine friendly website build
  • Ability to add/edit/delete pages and text


The new HealthGene website has received much positive feedback. Here are some of the product results:

  • Custom website design and development integrated using WordPress software for easy to manage CMS
    • All contents throughout website can be edited
    • Pages can be added and deleted
  • Conversion based tools to help collect more leads:
    • Sales Funnel (top banner message and action button)
    • Quick contact forms
  • Custom feature to add DNA product tests, details, pricing, breeds, alleles, and integrates with PayPal

The website design has a new clean, fresh look. The brand was important to maintain and it was. The website was developed using CSS and includes on-page search engine optimization to increase visibility on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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