Boost Sales With One-Deal-A-Day Websites

Boost Sales With One-Deal-A-Day WebsitesOne-Deal-A-Day Websites are getting more popular because they offer products at a very competitive rate.

Basic Features

  1. Before entering the website you are asked to select the city where you plan to buy the product from.
  2. Only one product / service is offered per day. The product varies from each location / city. The time duration will be shown.
  3. Only limited number of products will be available for the sale. The site will constantly update the sold out and remaining available lists and details.
  4. The deal will be canceled if the target sales are not met for the day. For example, if there are 500 iPads for sale and only 200 interested buyers, then the deal will be canceled since the target was not achieved. Customers account will be charged only when the deal is committed.
  5. Sign Up is easy and free. Want to try some? Here it is – Woot, Dealfind, Dealaday etc.


The buyer benefits by getting a product / service for a discounted price which no other seller is offering at the moment.

So how does the seller make money from this style of Internet Marketing? The answer is– Bulk Purchase. He makes a deal with the producer / wholesale distributor for the products which he lists on his website. And if the target is met then the deal is done or else it is pulled off.

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    Quite an innovative idea. I wonder if the deal is on once the said target number is met. Anyways it seems to be a good deal and yet another way to proactively sell stuff online. Way to go one-deal-a-day website!

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    The marketers are playing with all the sources so as to boost their sales and to defend competition. Definitly the One-Deal-A-Day Websites are a boon for the Company, People and the websites dealing with products.. this is a new innovation and this approach will  be welcomed by people.


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