Reflections on Google Ad Academy 2011

Last week’s visit to the Google Ad Academy in downtown Toronto proved to be relaxed and enjoyable while being very productive from an internet marketing perspective.

The event was hosted by our friends at Google, and they brought out some of their brightest minds to speak on a number of topics including Google Search Advertising, Display Advertising, and Analytics.

Although these topics were well known to me, a few new features stood out as true game changers. The big one dubbed “remarketing,” is not well known to most people (even within the internet marketing community). It's a feature that is guaranteed to attract attention as it gains traction. Google is excited about it, and I must admit to sharing their enthusiasm. Remarketing is a fairly new feature of Google AdWords. In a nutshell it allows website owners the ability to maintain contact with visitors. For example, you can display different ads to people depending on their behaviour on your site. Let say person A fills out a form an person B only fills out the form half way. You can now display different ads to person A and person B as they visit other sites throughout the web. This is definitely an exciting feature we’ll be using to enhance the service of our pay per click customers.

All in all it was a great day of learning; we got to meet some great people who were equally passionate about internet marketing as we are at TechWyse. My thanks go out to Google for hosting the event and in particular to our AdWords Account Managers: Beth, Jonathan and Abby. Also, many thanks for the delicious breakfast and lunch buffet, it was great; I can only imagine how well they eat at the Googleplex.

For more information on remarketing keep reading our blog or talk to a Solutions Expert or your Campaign Analyst. We're working on finding the best ways to deliver this to our clients, we strongly believe website owners will want to take full advantage of this exciting opportunity and we’re looking forward to harness this powerful technology.

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    Hi Alex,

    Remarketing is indeed a brilliant concept but without frequency capping in place, it can be quite annoying to users. It will be good to see when Google does dynamic remarketing as we have been seeing with the likes of Criteo & Struq.

    Ankur Mody


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