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Trends in Media Consumption Amongst Millennials


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Millennials spend more hours on the internet each month then Television, Radio and Print combined!

Trends in Media Consumption Amongst Millennials

Wondering where internet marketing is heading?   I recently went to a music conference in Toronto and picked up an interesting handbook called ‘Millennials in the Digital Information Age’. It described and profiled ‘Millennials’ – those born between 1981-2001.

One of the more interesting facts I read included an itemized detail of media consumption amongst this age group. As of 2007, the way ‘Millennials’, spent their time was broken down like this:
Hours Spent (Weekly)
37.16 hours
11.4 hours
4.1 hours
2.9 hours

Consider that just 15 years ago most people had never even accessed the internet and you understand the incredible shift in how the 25 and under age group spend their time!

Now consider how this 37.16 hours was spent and you will understand things even further:
Internet Uses
Hours Spent (Weekly)
10.11 hours
9.31 hours
Social Network Sites (Facebook, Flickr)
9.13 hours
8.61 hours
Given this change in behavior here is a reasonable list of some of the trends over the last decade amongst this demographic illustrating the trend from traditional to internet marketing:
18-25 Year Olds – Pre 1995
18-25 Year Olds – 2007
Net Result
Used the Yellow Pages to find local business
Uses search engines like Google, Yahoo! & Bing to find local business
Importance of search engine exposure for revenue generation
Communicated primarily via telephone
Communicating by text messaging, Bing Messenger & online utilities such as Facebook & MySpace
Opportunity for increased advertising exposure
Went to library to research information
Use internet, via search engines to gain information
Increased access to more information, hence greater exposure to online advertising opportunity
Social interaction – greater person to person socialization
Greater internet communication on blogs, social sites, and dating websites
Greater exposure to targeted advertising
Exposure to traditional and largely unmeasurable advertising mediums through television, radio & print.
Exposure to wide variety of targeted advertising that is measurable in many cases by impressions, clicks and conversions
Greater measurability of advertising dollars
Wondering which way the internet marketing industry is heading? Consider that some very traditional methods of media consumption seen in previous years, (watching television, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, using the Yellow pages) are now being accessed on the internet. What does this mean? Wherever eyes go, so does advertising. Expect the continued rise of new media which includes new methods for advertising. This includes, podcasting, broadcasting, music, social networking, blogging, and the continued increase of the centralization of the world’s information.
Not bad learning for an afternoon spent in Toronto!

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DJ has been a high profile Internet Marketer since 2001. He is the CEO of TechWyse and as a passionate member of the internet marketing industry is a key contributor on the 'Rise To The Top' Blog.

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    Yes Robert, New media’s niche facilities (podcasting, brooadcasting, blogging)has surpassed traditional methods of advertising. Internet media has gained such an unprecedented growth by itself and in the strength of user gain. The stats are not surprising – users naturally go for with the one that offers more opportunities.

  • avatar

    This reminds me of my good ol’ days pre ’95 era.

    Its true that more effort had to be put to make yourself known and also – to know about others.

    With the advent of Internet as an uncoventional yet strong media force to make your presence known, its become a place to communicate (via messengers), store (blog) and share (via forums, social bookmarks and websites).

    Truly, the emphasis is now on ’emphatic and presence’ marketing in today’s world.

    Great post DJ.

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    Hi DJ, what you’ve pointed is right; Online media contributes much more in revenues compared to other media — and the trend is only growing! The internet is a ‘go-getters’ medium, a medium that will continue to grow is this generation gets older. The only question is — what could this be growing into?

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    Your write up is an eye opener DJ. The internet has caught on with every segment of society at an alarming pace. Obviously it bodes well for internet marketing companies and everyone doing online business as Millennials grow older!

  • avatar

    A vast reach and interactive nature of the internet gives an edge over other traditional advertising media. These stats reflect the importance today’s internet advertising scene. Youth always embraces and experiments with emerging technologies,as well as others. Nice article DJ:)

  • avatar
    Frank Pious 


    Hi Robert
    One distressing note I find in this post is that the ratio of time spent on News / Entertainment practically equals that spent on Study/Work. Does this bode well for future generations? I wonder.

  • avatar

    If the trend holds true for another decade or so, we may soon see the demise of advertising via radio and television. As it is, radio lacks listeners. As for TV ads, people just turn on there PVR and skip it as soon as an ad appears. Online advertising holds the future key and it certainly does for internet marketing companies. Very thoughtful.

  • avatar

    The list also shows a trend where social interaction and greater person to person socialization is given up and replaced by greater internet communication on blogs and social sites. I feel this could signal a destabilizing effect on family relationships. But we have all been talking about this for a while now!

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    Though internet is a great advertising medium, the opportunities it paves, outweigh any other marketing medium. Almost all the advertising channels are free of charges (exceptions like PPC, paid listings). So we all can experiment and explore the medium to the nth level. What the most striking aspect of internet is every marketer worth his or her salt can find an alley of their on. Nice job DJ!! I love it!

  • avatar

    People take to online advertising not merely for its growing ability to reach a wider mass and target a younger generation but also because it offers several avenues to measure the success of those marketing efforts. As such, offline marketing has no such measurement tools in place. This explains the increasing clout of online advertising

  • avatar

    Hi DJ,
    By these stats figures it seems that everyone wants to be on the Internet, and for good reason. It is safe to say it is the most important new method for conducting business in the last 50 years if not longer. Online media provides best business and people come and seek YOU out!

  • avatar

    The statistics show an interesting trend. Target your ads at the younger generation and the future holds immense possibilities. I feel many have not yet figured this part out!

  • avatar
    Steve Robertson 


    Hi DJ, No wonder!! Research has shown that many people in their 20s are not picking up the newspaper habit the way their parents did. Many people already read newspapers and magazines online irrespective of their ages, and the number is shooting up day by day. This trend will continue a strong platform for new media marketing in the decades ahead. A good omen for internet marketers!!!!

  • avatar

    This is interesting, the trend like this a year or more later will redefine and explore all the tapped and untapped (rarely) areas of the Internet as a marketing medium. Not bad at all; much of the stats given here show a good future for the internet business in years to follow.

  • avatar

    I am confident that this trend will continue. Lets face it – in a few years its going to be everyone watching TV from the internet. Im certain that the rise of bandwidth use in phones. (Especially the IPHONE!) will contribute.

  • avatar

    Was just made aware of another interesting stat.

    Almost half of college students today would give up beer for WIFI! Damn!

    Check it out.


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