Search Engine Market Share for March 2012

Google Up From Last Month But Is Still Down Since Last Year

Google made back much of what it lost but is still down year over year. Yahoo! and Bing remained stable staying within 0.8% of their market share vs. last month, while Baidu dropped to 6.48% dropped  Stats provided by Net Market Share.

No Surprise, Google Still Dominates

I’m sure Google would like to see it’s number of 84.33% market share in March 2011, but it should be content with the gains it made last month.

Yahoo! Inches Back Into Second Place

Yahoo! although a shell of its former self made modest gains last month earning itself the title of world’s second most popular search engine, albeit miles behind Google.

Bing Is Up 0.5% Year Over Year

Bing is up about a quarter of a percentage point since February but still fails to catch Yahoo! (let alone Google) for yet another month.

Baidu Drops

Baidu falls to about 6.5% market share that’s down from the nearly 12% market share it saw in February. We’ve seen swings like this before, let’s wait and see if the Chinese search giant rebounds next month.


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